Get Sweaty!


workouts to make you sweat through an entire baseball cap

As a full time intern working 40 hours a week in rotations, with 12 additional credit hours and a job personal training, it’s hard for me to find time to be physically active some weeks. These two workouts I have for you today are great for the time-pressed like me. The first workout is an ultra fast gym workout I sometimes use when I have a 30-60 minute break between clients. This might make me pretty nasty but I just throw a hat on and hope nobody notices how sweaty I am. The second workout is totally equipment free and can be done at home no matter where you live. I do this one when I have so much work to do that the 10 minute drive to a gym & back is wasting too much time, but I still want to get a good sweaty workout in. Extra sweaty points are earned if you do this on a HOT day before you turn the AC on (aka: all abnormally hot Chicago spring long). Enjoy!

Reverse-Tabata Gym Workout:

This workout style can be applied to any at-home workout as well. Just replace exercises you need equipment for with those that are equipment-less, and use heavy objects at home for weights. When I do at home workouts I fill a duffel bag with towels and textbooks, and use washclothes as gliders for ab work. The only thing you need is a stopwatch.

In intervals of 20 seconds work, 40 seconds rest, complete the following exercises 2-3 times total. Rest 1 minute between sets.

1. Forward-Backwards lunges (Step forward and lunge, then step backwards with the same leg and lunge. Alternate sides)

2. Plate swings (Perform a kettlebell swing with a barbell plate or kettlebell if your gym has them, or dumbbell)

3. Air squats (Squat without holding weights)

4. Pushups

5. Sumo Squats (with feet at 45 degree angle and wide stance, squat holding a weight down between your legs. Keep the weight back in your heels and pretend like you are sitting in a chair 2-3 feet behind you for proper form!)

6. Diamond Pushups (Place your hands with index fingers and thumbs touching on floor in front of you, making a diamond shape. Separate hands by 2-4 inches and perform pushups! Works triceps better than regular pushups)

7. Tricep dips (on a bench or other flat sturdy surface)

8. Plank pushups (begin in an elbow plank. Lift up your right arm and place your hand where your elbow was. Repeat on left side until you are in a plank on your hands. Then repeat opposite motion until you are back in an elbow plank)

9. Box Jumps (flat, sturdy surface)

10. Step-up and kicks (Step up on a higher surface with your left foot, and kick your right foot through! These are especially hard when done on an unsteady surface)

At-home Plank & Pushups Workout

This workout is killer for your core and upper body. If you perform moves with no rest between them, you will also get a great cardio workout. Do ten reps of each move and repeat 2-3 times.

1. Spider man pushups (Do a regular pushup, then bring your left knee to your left shoulder alongside your body while holding the lower pushup position. Push back up to the top! These are killer, 5 on each side is 10 reps)

2. Bicycle v-ups (Like a regular v-up but with a twist. Lay flat on your back with hands behind your head, legs at a 45 degree angle off the ground. Roll your upper body up, and twist right elbow to outside the left knee. Slowly lower back down keeping abs tucked in to protect your lower back. 10 on each side!)

3. Inchworm pushups (From standing up, walk your hands down the front of your body, legs, down to outside of your feet. Keep walking your hands out until you are in a high pushup position. Do a pushup! Now walk hands back to the top and return all the way to standing.)

4. Plank jumping jacks (Start in a palm plank with feet touching. Keeping upper body as still as possible, jump feet wide, then back together. Out-in is one rep.)

5. Plank pushups (see above description. Not to repeat but these are great for shoulders and core!)

6. Plank hand taps (With feet wider than hip width apart, start in a palm plank. Lift your right hand without shifting your hips and tap out to the side. Repeat on the left. Much harder than it sounds; be sure your hips are not moving at all.)

7. Military pushups (Instead of normal pushup position with hands slightly wider than shoulder width, place your hands right at shoulder width on the floor. Lower yourself down and keep your elbows tucked in tight to your sides. This will really work the triceps!)

8. Army Crawlers (in an elbow plank, bring your right knee up along your body towards your right shoulder, crunching your oblique. Repeat on left side; alternate)

9. Regular push-ups

10. Opposite Mountain Climbers (In a palm plank, drive your right knee towards your left elbow with your abs. Alternate sides)

I hope you enjoy these sweaty workouts! Let me know in the comments or on twitter what kinds of workouts you’d be interested in seeing on A Dietitian Cooks – I would love your feedback!


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