What is most important?

How do you decide what is more important in your life? When you are busy, tired, stressed out, and cranky, how do you prioritize your day? Do you let workouts slip and nutrition fall to the side, telling yourself that it’s ok since you have way too much to do to even think about working out and making a healthy meal? Do you tell yourself that you will feel better in the long run if you continue to pursue health even when it gets challenging? Or is working out and eating healthfully something that is integral to your life, and you don’t ask your self any questions about priorities. You just find a way to fit it in, even if it means getting up earlier, checking out of facebook to get more homework done so you have time to cook dinner, or giving your body that much needed break?

While there are some times when we all need a break, both physically and mentally, many times people dig themselves into an inactive unhealthy whole by adopting the “I’m too busy” attitude. When you think about it, you are working to preserve your body and your spirit for the long haul. How can you be too busy for that?


How do you stay motivated to maintain a health lifestyle when life gets hectic? What are your best tips to someone just beginning a healthy change?


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