Community Supported Agriculture

I mentioned in my last post that I am a member of a community supported agriculture association, and that I receive a box of produce weekly. The farm that I belong to is Old Oak Family Farms (link here), a farm that is located about 10 miles from me.

What is it? A CSA means that all the purchasing members pay a fee to support the farm, and we all reap the benefits. Everyone who is a member receives a box filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs every week during the growing season. What is in the box depends on what month it is, how the weather has been, and many other variables.


The best part about being a member of a CSA is the amazingly fresh produce we get. I’ve gotten to try many things I never would have found in the grocery store, like garlic scapes (delicious!) and kohlarabi. Not only that, I get access to locally grown, organic produce that I tend to buy in the store anyways. Kale, green beans, carrots, and many varieties of lettuce have come in our boxes. It is always a great surprise to see what we’re getting, and meal plan accordingly.

I supplement my CSA boxes with conventional produce from the grocery store, as well as trips to my local farmers’ market. I like to buy farm fresh eggs at the farmers’ market, and stock up on things that we use a lot of (lettuce, kale, and tomatoes come to mind). I buy things like lemons, limes, and avocados at the grocery store because they don’t often come in our boxes.

Are you a member of a CSA?

What is your favorite summer vegetable or fruit?


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