Weekly Meal Plan, Grocery List, & Workouts

I’m going to start sharing my weekly meal plan and weekly workout plans, along with the grocery list I use while shopping. I have my list divided out by the sections in Aldi’s (where I generally shop). I also am a member of a CSA so I get a box of fresh local produce weekly, so I don’t need to buy quite as much right now. This helps me stay accountable and know what I’m doing each night, which is really useful when I get busy and don’t get home until late.

I will post the actual workouts I do as I go through the week, with sets and repetitions.

Weekly Meal Plan:
Monday 8/11: cheddar stuffed turkey burgers with yellow squash, on the grillTuesday 8/12: BLT’s
Wednesday 8/13: Southwest tacos with turkey
Thursday 8/14: Summer salad (aka: throw all produce together)
Friday 8/15: Not 100% sure but probably something on the grill and a salad
Saturady 8/16: Shrimp Ceviche salad
Sunday 8/17: Leftovers
Bulk items: Honey Olive Oil Zucchini Muffins

Weekly workouts:
Monday upper body lift
Tuesday lower body & core lift
Wednesday bluff run
Thursday chest/shoulders/quads
Friday glutes/back/bi’s
Saturday Bike ride + run
Sunday off

Grocery list for meal plan:
Dry goods: hot sauce, maple syrup, ketchup, mayonnaise, black beans, garbanzos
Dairy: milk, half and half, shredded cheese
Meat/Deli: cream cheese, low fat crescent rolls, bacon, ground turkey, Mexican queso fresco, sharp cheddar, and chicken breasts
Bakery: bagels, whole grain bread, whole wheat burger buns, baguette
Frozen: shrimp
Produce: limes, avocado, romaine lettuce

CSA goodies:
Yellow squash
Sweet corn

Farmers market finds:
Cherry tomatoes
Regular tomatoes
Farm fresh eggs


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