Weekly Meal Plan, Grocery List, & Workouts

I am excited for this upcoming week’s meals and workouts! Planning them on Sunday gets me all jazzed up 🙂 You’ll definitely see a panzanella recipe post from me on Thursday. We are going to visit friends in Lake Geneva this weekend so the meal plan is pretty short & sweet.

Week of August 17th-24th:
Sunday: french bread pizzas
Monday: crock pot carnitas
Tuesday: Wednesday: bacon & corn chowder
Thursday: panzanella
Friday – Sunday: out of town, so no idea!
Prepare in advance: green juice, zucchini egg muffins

Pork chops
French bread x 2 (for pizza and for panzanella)
Peanut butter x 2 (one for my office, one for at home)
Olive oil
Chocolate milk (husband loves this)
Thick-cut nitrate free bacon
Chicken breasts
Cream cheese
Fruit (only fresh produce that is limited in my CSA box)
Garbanzo beans

CSA/Farmer’s Market goods:
Cherry tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes
Curly Kale

Monday: Lower body, back, & abs
Tuesday: Chest, shoulders, tri’s
Wednesday: run in Hixson forest
Thursday: Upper body
Friday: Lower body & abs

See you through the week!


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