Weekly Menu & Workouts: 11/24-11/30

Meal plan:
This week is all up in the air – I have the ingredients for salad, sandwiches, pasta, and omlettes. I’ll just make whatever strikes my mood ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday: Run & upper body lift
Tuesday: Lower body
Wednesday: Upper body
Thursday: Turkey trot – 5 mile
Weekend is all up in the air – moving! – but there will be 1 rest day and 1 run with 1 lift


Weekly Workouts: Lifting

Lower body & abs A:
lateral step-up
elevated sumo
front step-up
reverse hyper
hyper extension

front squats
pause squats

ab roll outs
hip thrusters

Lower body B:
hanging knee raises
sumo deadlifts
straight leg deads
oblique side-bends

back squats
leg press kick-backs
single leg angled press
single leg hamstring curl

Upper body A:
SM bench
Front plate raise
Skull crushers

SM shoulder press
Reclining curls
Rear delt flyes

Inverted rows
Band pull-aparts
DB single arm row
Lateral raise

Upper body B:
Parallel grip lat pull down
Cable cross
Cable rear delts
Cable inverted curls

Reverse grip row
Tricep extension
Cable front raise
Cable lateral raise

Metabolic finishers:
30 sec each exercise repeat 4-5 times
Box jumps // Burpees // Scissor Jumps // Wall balls
Push-ups // DB swing // Plank up-downs // Plank

Weekly Menu & Workouts: 11/16-11/21

Meal plan:
Sunday: Wraps
Monday: Gnocchi soup & sandwiches
Tuesday: Salad
Wednesday: Buffalo chicken wraps
Thursday: Spaghetti & meatballs
Friday-Sunday: unsure – closing on house Friday

Sunday: Run
Monday: Legs & abs
Tuesday: Upper body
Wednesday: Legs & abs
Thursday: Upper body AM/Bluffs PMFriday: Off
Saturday: Run or lift
Sunday: Run or lift

Coats (saving for black friday ๐Ÿ™‚ )
Tahari Izzy asymmetrical coatCalvin Klein Asymmetrical

Weekly Meals & Workouts: 11/09-11/16

Meal plan:
Sunday: baked ziti
Monday: crock pot chicken enchilada soup
Tuesday: oven fried chicken strips
Wednesday: salad
Thursday: butternut squash pasta
Friday: something with ground turkey
Saturday-Sunday: leftovers, buffalo chicken wraps, panini’s

Sunday: run
Monday: lift
Tuesday: lift or trainer
Wednesday: lift
Thursday: lift or trainer
Friday: run
Saturday: ??

Weekly Meal Plan & Workouts: 11/3-11/9

Monday: Mac & cheese
Tuesday: Gnocchi soup
Wednesday: BBQ rib sandwiches
Thursday: Turkey panini’s
Friday: Baked chicken
Saturday: Salad
Sunday: oven fried chicken

Monday: bike trainer
Tuesday: bluff run & lift
Wednesday: lift
Thursday: lift
Friday: run
Saturday & Sunday: ??