Meal Plan & Workouts: 2/21-2/28

Saturday: out ๐Ÿ™‚
Sunday: leftovers
Monday: french bread pizza
Tuesday: gnocchi mac & cheese
Wednesday: chopped salad
Thursday: beef stroganoff
Friday: out pastalaya
Saturday: skillet chicken with bacon

Saturday: run
Sunday: trainer + lift
Monday: cardio + lift
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: lift
Thursday: long run
Friday: off
Saturday: lift + run
Sunday: run + trainer


Meal Plan & Workouts: 2/14-2/21

Sunday: beef ramen noodle soup
Monday: salsa verde hot dish
Tuesday: broccoli grilled cheese sandwiches
Wednesday: crock pot shredded beef
Thursday: pasta with parmesan & italian sausage
Friday: chicken & dumplings
Saturday: skillet chicken with bacon and wine

Sunday: long run
Monday: cardio + upper body
Tuesday: legs
Wednesday: off
Thursday: trainer + plyo’s
Friday: long run
Saturday: lift + run
Sunday: lift + run