Weekly Meal Plan & Workouts: 12/7-12/13

Meal plan:
Sunday: leftovers
Monday: crock pot beef fajitas
Tuesday: sausage & gnocchi soup
Wednesday: beef stroganoff
Thursday: pork chops
Friday: stuffed chicken breasts

Monday: AM lift/cardio
Tuesday: PM lift
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: lift
Friday: PM lift
Saturday: Run


Weekly Workouts & Menu: 12/1-12/7

Meal plan:
Monday: pulled chicken wraps
Tuesday: taco salad
Wednesday: chicken noodle soup
Thursday: out
Friday: corn chowder
Saturday-Sunday: ??

Monday: lift
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: lift
Thursday: crossfit??
Friday: run?
Saturday: lift
Sunday: run

Weekly Menu & Workouts: 11/24-11/30

Meal plan:
This week is all up in the air – I have the ingredients for salad, sandwiches, pasta, and omlettes. I’ll just make whatever strikes my mood ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday: Run & upper body lift
Tuesday: Lower body
Wednesday: Upper body
Thursday: Turkey trot – 5 mile
Weekend is all up in the air – moving! – but there will be 1 rest day and 1 run with 1 lift

Weekly Workouts: Lifting

Lower body & abs A:
lateral step-up
elevated sumo
front step-up
reverse hyper
hyper extension

front squats
pause squats

ab roll outs
hip thrusters

Lower body B:
hanging knee raises
sumo deadlifts
straight leg deads
oblique side-bends

back squats
leg press kick-backs
single leg angled press
single leg hamstring curl

Upper body A:
SM bench
Front plate raise
Skull crushers

SM shoulder press
Reclining curls
Rear delt flyes

Inverted rows
Band pull-aparts
DB single arm row
Lateral raise

Upper body B:
Parallel grip lat pull down
Cable cross
Cable rear delts
Cable inverted curls

Reverse grip row
Tricep extension
Cable front raise
Cable lateral raise

Metabolic finishers:
30 sec each exercise repeat 4-5 times
Box jumps // Burpees // Scissor Jumps // Wall balls
Push-ups // DB swing // Plank up-downs // Plank

Weekly Menu & Workouts: 11/16-11/21

Meal plan:
Sunday: Wraps
Monday: Gnocchi soup & sandwiches
Tuesday: Salad
Wednesday: Buffalo chicken wraps
Thursday: Spaghetti & meatballs
Friday-Sunday: unsure – closing on house Friday

Sunday: Run
Monday: Legs & abs
Tuesday: Upper body
Wednesday: Legs & abs
Thursday: Upper body AM/Bluffs PMFriday: Off
Saturday: Run or lift
Sunday: Run or lift

Coats (saving for black friday ๐Ÿ™‚ )
Tahari Izzy asymmetrical coatCalvin Klein Asymmetrical

Weekly Meals & Workouts: 11/09-11/16

Meal plan:
Sunday: baked ziti
Monday: crock pot chicken enchilada soup
Tuesday: oven fried chicken strips
Wednesday: salad
Thursday: butternut squash pasta
Friday: something with ground turkey
Saturday-Sunday: leftovers, buffalo chicken wraps, panini’s

Sunday: run
Monday: lift
Tuesday: lift or trainer
Wednesday: lift
Thursday: lift or trainer
Friday: run
Saturday: ??

Weekly Meal Plan & Workouts: 11/3-11/9

Monday: Mac & cheese
Tuesday: Gnocchi soup
Wednesday: BBQ rib sandwiches
Thursday: Turkey panini’s
Friday: Baked chicken
Saturday: Salad
Sunday: oven fried chicken

Monday: bike trainer
Tuesday: bluff run & lift
Wednesday: lift
Thursday: lift
Friday: run
Saturday & Sunday: ??

Wednesday’s Total Body Lift

Elevated sumo squats
Reverse hyper’s
Split squats
DB incline bench

Single leg angled press
Single leg hamstring curl
Cable close grip row
Cable parallel LPD
Cable crossCable rear delt flye
Cable front raise
Cable curl
Cable push-down
Cable rear delt pull

Monday’s Total Body Lift

5 x 5 for strength:
Back squatDeadlift
BB row
Chin up
Bench with plate raises

Squat rack circuit:
Good mornings
Pause squats

DB circuits:
Shoulder press
Bench reverse flyes
Bench pull-overs
Preacher curls

Weekly Meal Plan & Workouts: 10/27-11/2

Weekly meal plan:
Monday: slow cooker beef stew
Tuesday: Quinoa & potato chopped salad
Wednesday: Taco casserole
Thursday: Quinoa Enchilada Bake
Friday-Sunday: out of town

Monday: total body lift
Tuesday: run
Wednesday: total body lift
Thursday: run
Friday: off
Saturday & Sunday: out of town, so unsure

AMRAP: 25 minutes 5 exercises 8-10 reps of deadlifts, pushups, reverse lunges, bent rows, swings.